10 Valuable Resources for Learning More About Personal Finance

Among the most important subjects to know something about is personal finance. It affects every facet of your life and can be used as a tool to create the lifestyle of your dreams. Knowing how to manage the money you make is a valuable skill that lasts a lifetime. If you know very little about financial matters including saving, investing and spending confidently, it’s time that you turned to some outside resources for assistance. Learning more about personal finance and how it relates to you has its benefits.

How to Gain More Knowledge About Personal Finance Quickly

The following ten resources provide you with a solid understanding of what personal finance is and how it becomes a part of your life the minute you get your first paid job. Use them as often as you need to in order to improve the conditions of your household budget, savings account, and investment portfolio.


It doesn’t matter if they’re borrowed or bought, digital, hardback or paperback, books contain infinite knowledge about personal finance that you can access at any time.


YouTube is a great place to start looking for more information on the subject. You can also go to individual websites to watch the content they have posted there.


Use your commute to your advantage. Listen to a favorite personal finance podcaster and know as you go.

TED Talks

Many wise people have done talks about all areas of personal finance. Create a list of videos to watch and check them off as you finish one.


Colleges and universities offer personal finance and economics classes. Take one and gain vast amounts of knowledge quickly.


Public libraries, banks, and community businesses sometimes hold personal finance workshops. Sign up for one and expand your base of knowledge.


Free to sign up for in any many cases, the online meetings are usually chat-based so you can comment as you learn.


Take advantage of the resources your school or workplace has to offer. Attend an upcoming conference to learn more about personal finance.


Find someone you look up to and want to emulate. Then follow their steps for personal finance success.

As a bonus, we’ve listed some of the top personal finance sites available. Each has a lot to teach you.

Top Personal Finance Sites to Visit for More Information

The top personal finance sites online are listed below. You can learn more about what they have to offer you by visiting them regularly.

Nerd Wallet (www.nerdwallet.com)

Comparison shop credit cards, learn about banking options and find out more about miscellaneous personal finance topics.

FundFirst Capital (www.fundfirstcapital.com)

Learn everything there is to know about a company before you invest in their products and services thanks to reviews written by people like you and experts with your best interests in mind.

CNN Money (www.cnn.com/business)

See how the latest news surrounding business and the economy affect your own personal finance matters.

Become More Knowledge About Your Finances and How They Affect You

Learning all that you can about personal finance has its advantages. In fact, the more you know, the better equipped you are to save, invest, and spend smartly. Using the resources listed above to gain knowledge about personal finance is a wise move because it enables you to access a wealth of information online at once. You can learn from it by applying it to your life at your own pace.